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Below are some items for sale, these specially produced items make wonderful gifts for anyone interested in the school. The profits from the sale of these goods goes towards offsetting the costs involved in our work, we receive no grants and everything is funded from our own pockets so please help support our work if you can. We are hoping to add More gifts in the future. Some wood was salvaged from the school and it is hoped that some items utilising this wood will be made available in the future in very limited quantities, so please keep checking the site.

The Percy Jackson Bowl


This bowl is a one off piece which was made for me as a present. It is made from wood from the stairs that used to go to the side of the stage in the hall. There are no words I could write that would come anywhere near to expressing how privileged I feel to possess it. It was created by ex-pupil Allen Kaye.

Mug Design 1
Mug Design 2
Percy Jackson Archives DVD volume one, 
includes surviving Year Books, 
recent photographs (Interior & Exterior) 
and School Honours Boards
£7.00 plus P&P
P&P RATES, UK £3.25
Europe £6.00  
World Zone 1 £8.25
World Zone 2 £8.50
£5.50 plus P&P
P&P RATES UK £1.25 
Europe  £3.75 
World Zone 1 £4.75
World Zone 2 £4.95 ARCHIVES DVD History of Percy Jackson's 
(revised edition 2010) 
by Ken Cooke. 
Copies available from the author: 
CLICK HERE For a saving use discount code 
If you wish to purchase either the Archives DVD or the Mugs you can pay via Paypal or by Cheque
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Percy Jackson pens.

These unique pens are made from wood from the school hall by former pupil Allen Kaye. They are in limited supply. The profits will be split between charity and funding this website. Comes complete with a signed certificate of Authenticity.

For the chance of a unique gift, order yours NOW!


£14.99 plus P&P

P&P RATES, UK £1.25

Europe £3.75

World Zone 1 £4.75

World Zone 2 £4.95

or from the publisher:


Limited availability
New Christmas Range
Reproduction of the 1956
Christmas card
Percy Jackson
Christmas Card
Percy Jackson
Christmas Mug
6 x 4 inch Ring Bound
PJ Notepad

Gift packs consist of a ring bound 6 inch X 4 inch notepad. A 6 inch X 4 inch Fridge magnet and a key ring

Gift Packs make ideal Christmas presents

£5.99 per pack.  POSTAGE AND PACKING: UK £2.00 / EUROPE £6.00 (AIRMAIL) / WORLD ZONE 1 = £8.00 (AIRMAIL) / WORLD ZONE 2 = £8.50

*Remember to state which design you require

Design 1

Design 2

Design 3

5 pack A5 size matte card with white envelopes = £4.99 per pack

P&P RATES UK £2.00 EUROPE £6.00

WORLD ZONE 1   £8.00 WORLD ZONE 2  £8.50

5 pack A5 size gloss card with white envelopes = £7.49 per pack

P&P RATES UK £2.00 EUROPE £6.00

WORLD ZONE 1   £8.00 WORLD ZONE 2  £8.50

£7.00 plus P&P

P&P RATES, UK £3.25

Europe £6.00  

World Zone 1 £8.25

World Zone 2 £8.50

£2.50 plus P&P

UK £1.30

EUROPE £4.00

World Zone 1 £5.00

World Zone 2 £5.20

Mug Design 3

In addition to Ken Cooke’ s definitive book on the  schools history it was brought to my attention that several more ex Percy Jackson pupils had written books so in fairness it has been decided to list theses books at the bottom of this page, if there are any books missing please let me know and I’ll be only too pleased to add them to the site.

Books written by former pupils


Below is a selection of books written by former Percy Jackson pupils. Most can be purchased via Amazon. co. uk

By Michael Bannister,

PJGS 1965-72.

By Elizabeth Chambers Sandie (PJGS 1958-65). Fascinating stories of the lives of neighbours in a street in York.

317 sonnets composed in English by Dave Etchell, PJGS 1956-61.

The Odyssey related in 397 sonnets composed in English by Dave Etchell, PJGS 1956-61.

By Dave Etchell, PJGS 1956-61.

Cover picture censored!

As it says on the label - not for wives or servants (ref Lady Chatterley court case). An irreverent, if slightly bawdy, collection of over 100 ditties written by Dave Etchell. PJGS 1956-61.

An autobiography by Janet Greenwood Barker (PJGS 1944-49). Tells of her growing up in Bentley and has a chapter on her time at PJGS.

Malcolm Palmer, PJGS 1950-56, is one of Spain's leading ornithologists.

Birds of the Island of Tabarca, near Alicante.

I had this book a couple of years before I discovered that Malcolm Palmer the author, was the same Malcolm Palmer I went through grammar school with! Talk about 'read the label'.

By Bob Roberts, PJGS 1961-66.

Bob Roberts, PJGS 1961-66, is a 'Big Fish' in British angling.

Heading Towards Excellence by John Rowling , PJGS 1952-59, who was knighted in June 2003 'for services to education'.

Clem Vallance (PJGS 1955-63) was the producer for the BBC Palin travel series.

By Annette Willoughby, PJGS 1952-59.

By David V Read, PJGS 1945-50; recollections of musical adjudicating - social history of brass bands. Published in 2004.

David, who grew up in Askern, has been described as 'one of the world's foremost adjudicators' and 'the quintessential British Bandsman'.

Don Bannister, PJGS 1939-46, a noted university psychologist, published this story of a mining community (Carcroft/Skellow) in 1979 (Routledge & Paul). Don worked as a Bevin Boy between PJGS and university.

By Annette Willoughby, PJGS 1952-59

By Ken Cooke, PJGS 1950-58.

First edition 2007. Sold out and out of print. Second edition published 2010.

The second, extended and revised edition, published 2010 - the '70th Anniversay Edition'. Contains a report on the 70th Anniversay Reunion in 2009. Still a few available.

By honorary Piglet Heinz Wartenberg, 1950-58 era. A compendium of anglicisms and pseudo-anglicisms currently used in the German language. Partly a spoof and partly a complaint.

By Ann Crowe Mayhew, PJGS 1952-57. Ann died in 2016.

'The 39 Steps' :Play co-written/adapted by Nobby Dimon (PJGS 1965-72). A huge success in London and on Broadway. Won a Tony Award.

Book photos and descriptions by courtesy of Ken Cooke

By Christine Ashby Bell, PJGS 1950-56.
The heroic life-saving exploits of the daughter of a lighthouse keeper. Christine lived in Bamburgh and was a curator of the Grace Darling museum.

'Moon Boy & Star Girl' (2006): a fairy story (in German) about a child who receives a cochlear implant, by Gisela Mätzke, PJGS German exchange pupil 1953. Gisela received a cochlear implant late in life - long after she had learned to speak excellent English

Malcolm Palmer (1950 entrant)  His autobiography 'One Way Migrant'. The title reflects both his passion for ornithology and his relocation to Spain at the age of fifty four.

Kate Le Vann

Janet Kitson Roberts brought to my attention another former pupil called Kate Le Van who is an upcoming author. Kate was born in Doncaster in 1972 (as Katherine Victoria Le Vann) and attended Adwick School. When it was called NDT College, she was invited to return to speak to the pupils there about her books. Kate now lives in London and has written for newspapers and magazines including CosmoGirl!, Vogue, Company and The Big Issue. She writes for adults and teenagers. I’m happy to give her a little publicity!

Just released is a novel by Dave Etchell (PJGS 1956-61):

“McKinley” is available on Amazon Kindle at £3.99 and through bookshops in paper form. It is almost 600 pages thus priced accordingly at £14.99. The story is set in the mining villages served by Adwick UDC and involves the struggles of a mining family from the 30s to 70s. Jimmy Lane and others get a mention. All aspects of local life, high and low, come into it. The novel follows the miner John McKinley from the mines into the army, through the war and back to the mines.


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